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You have landed here because you might be looking for help with your digital marketing and want to get a head start on Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Youtube, digital banners or marketing automations. Perhaps are looking for help with creating exciting visual content for the different channels that you market on. Or maybe you need guidance navigating through the digital jungle of SEO, UX, and UI. Or maybe you are someone who has heard or know of Jubes Ranola, and has googled the name. In any case, welcome to my page. Please feel free to scroll down to learn more.

What I Do

I help businesses with digital marketing and strategic automations. My mission is to maximise the potential for conversion from each and every single website visitor by utilising the power of machine learning (AI). With machine learning, I can help you grow your business effectively & efficiently.

Check out my Linkedin profile for more details of what I do and what I have done. Also check out my small digital marketing agency HERE


More of What I Do

With over 20 years in graphic design, I have helped businesses with designing their visual identity. From logo design, to digital and print advertising, to digital and analogue videos, and to designing entire websites. I have pretty much designed for almost all forms of media.

See examples of my work HERE


Who I Am

I am a partner to Maiken and a father to 1 tween, 1 teen and 1 pug. Together, we live the suburban family lifestyle in the suburbs of Aarhus, Denmark. My interest outside of my working life resides within food and travel where I have created Simple Family Food (blog) and Simple Family Travel (youtube channel). I am currently putting these together to create SimpleFamilyLife where we can have the freedom to add content beyond food and travel.


My Work

The digital world has many different parts that are all inter-linked. One part can have a cascading affect that could influence an online campaign. Therefore it is important to have an in-depth understanding of how all the parts of the digital world. Here are the key areas that I have focussed on over the years.

Say Hello.

I am always open for your questions and I am happy to talk with you about digital marketing for your business. Fill out the simple form below or email jubes@ranola.dk , and I will get back to you before your next coffee gets cold.